Color Mate Incorporated was started in 1990 with the acquisition of Walsh Chemical’s carbon black dispersion business in Philadelphia, PA.  We are a privately held company with the ownership taking an active role in the development and management of the business.  A plant site was built in Gastonia, NC and production was moved to Gastonia to produce aqueous carbon black dispersions as well as chemical blending and specialty colorant blends.  Since our inception, Color Mate has experienced steady growth thanks to the dedication of our employees working together to supply high quality dispersions at competitive prices.  Color Mate manufactures dispersions for a variety of industries which are still served today.  These industries include the paper, textile, ink, paint, coatings, mulch colorant, asphalt sealants, concrete, and other allied industries.  We also manufacture FDA channel black dispersions, conductive/resistive carbon black dispersions as well as other industry specific carbon black dispersions.

Color Mate expanded in 2002 and started a wholly owned subsidiary, Color Mate Dispersions. The expansion enabled Color Mate Dispersions to produce organic dispersions, inorganic dispersions, water based dye liquids along with enhanced tolling capabilities. Developments included purchasing the former Clariant Corporation chemical facilities along with the purchase of Sunbelt Corporation’s graphic arts water base dispersion business. Color Mate has continued to increase our product lines to serve industry needs.